The Sycamore Sax Band

Hi, I’m Ron Meyer, owner of blog, The Senior Bandsman, and the web store. Starving Students Music Supplies. As you see from the picture, I am also a musician (I’m the guy on bari sax)  I hadn’t played since my school days but picked the instrument back up in the ’90’s and have been playing ever since.

My web store was a place where I sold musical accessories at great prices. I was thinking that older musicians like me would be appreciate the “deals” I could bring to my web store but then I discovered a universal truth; no matter what age, everybody likes a deal.

I have been playing the sax and operating the web store for about 20 years, but I found out I still had in “itch”. I wanted to explore being an older person and still wanting to get out and play in a band.

I figured in this blog, The Senior Bandsman, i could explore what it was like being an older guy with the challenges of playing. I have learned some things along the way that I want to impart. I would also like to throw out some questions that I have and I am hoping that you and me could start a dialog and a conversation that others would share in.

So I will have Tips, Musings, and Questions geared toward adults playing music. And it you are a younger person, just remember, ain’t none of us getting any younger (I think that was a Musing) Welcome to my blog and like I tell any musician, Play On!

If you need to contact us: info@seniorbamdsman.com